Parish Priest : Fr. John Barnes MA

The Presbytery, 8, Gainsborough Road, Felixstowe, IP11 7HT

Tel.01394 282561 e-mail

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Sunday Masses

Saturday 6.0pm (St.F) Int.+Anne Marie


Sunday 9.30am (St.F) Int. For the People 11.0am (Con) Int.H.M.The Queen


Weekday Masses


10.0am (Con) Int. +Holy Souls

Tuesday FERIA

10.0am (Con) Int. +Michael Tomlinson, P

Wednesday FERIA

9.0am (Con) Int.


10.0am (Con) Int.


11.0am (Con) Int.

Saturday OF OUR LADY

11.0am (St.F) Int.

6.0pm (St.F) Int. Vernon & Chris Watts

(40th Anniversary)


The Daily Office

Lauds (Morning Prayer) will resume at St.Felix on Saturday, being said a quarter of an hour before the first Mass


Sacrament of Reconciliation

Saturday 5.15 to 5.45 p.m. or by appointment.


The Mass today

The readings can be found on p.97 of the Parish Mass Book, and on p.1006 of The Sunday Missal.


At the 6.0pm Mass Eucharistic Prayer 1

Sanctus & Benedictus Parish Mass book p.16 (Angelus) Hymn : 643

At the 9.30am Mass Eucharistic Prayer 3

Gloria 527-R

Sanctus & Benedictus Parish Mass Book p.16

Hymns : 727, 694, 607, 647

At the 11.0am Mass Eucharistic Prayer 2



It seems as if things are going according to plan : the faulty tiling in the Sanctuary has been removed, and the new screed has been laid and is now drying out, ready for the tiles to be laid in the middle of next week. So there is hope that the Sanctuary will be ready for use next weekend, in time for the First Holy Communion Mass - even if the new Tabernacle itself is not in place.........

In this coming week the daily Mass will continue to be offered in the Convent chapel, up to and including Friday. Hopefully weekday Masses at St.Felix' can resume on Saturday.




Tuesday 11.0am Fr.John attends a Deanery Clergy Meeting at Kesgrave.

7.30pm St.Felix' Young Fathers meet at the Presbytery.

Wednesday 11.0am Fr.John attends the Bishop's annual Day for Priests at Poringland. This means that Mass will be at 9.0am today.

Saturday 8.45am The First Holy Communion Candidates meet at St.Felix for Confessions and a Rehearsal for tomorrow.

Next Sunday The First Holy Communions take place at the 9.30am Mass. Certain pews will be reserved for Candidates and their families, and the Mass at the Convent will, as last year, begin at 11.30am instead of 11.0am




Anniversaries this week Mary Spillane (2004),

Sr.Campion Green (2003), and Robert Boreham (2014). May they Rest in Peace.

Money Matters Last Sunday 686.30 was given at the Offertory, and 122.02 for CAFOD. (These figures include two weeks' collections from the Convent). 1131.85 was given in the retiring collection for LET THE CHILDREN LIVE! : thank you all for your generosity - I know that Fr.Peter will be most grateful to you, and that the money will be used well.

Congratulations To Giavanna Roberts, who leads our team of flower arrangers : she has recently gained a silver medal at the Chelsea Flower Show! A splendid achievement.

Why are they leaving? This question was raised at the last PAC meeting, regarding falling Mass attendances, and it was suggested that before the PAC meets again, those Groups which met to look at the Holy Father's Holy Year of Mercy document last Autumn might re-convene to suggest some answers. The group that met at Philip & Anne Dance's house has already done this : I wonder whether the Group which met at the Presbytery on Friday afternoons might like to come together next Friday afternoon, June 17th, 3.30pm-4.30pm for a similar one-off meeting?

Catholic Womens' League Barbara writes 'Next meeting is on Monday 13th June at 7.30pm ; the speaker will be Jane Dawson from the CWL charity Relief and Refugee. Ladies are reminded to bring their R&R boxes, the money for the fish & chip supper in July (6.50 each, open to friends and family) and their Pilgrimage money.'




We adopted two projects for this Year of Mercy : one was to establish a group of people in the parish who would visit the sick, and those in any kind of need; the other was to refurbish the Confessional. At the last PAC meeting a lady undertook to gather a group of volunteers together to try to bring about the first project, and hopefully that will soon be underway. So what about the Confessional?

The Confessional at St.Felix is a disgrace, and no wonder that so few of you use it. It is neither fit for purpose, nor worthy to be the place where one of the Sacraments is celebrated. First, where and what it is not clearly indicated. Probably many assume it is a broom cupboard. When you go in through the door, which crashes each time into the prie-Dieu inside, you find yourself in a claustrophobic space with scuffed paintwork and a concrete floor, faced by a half-length wooden partition, topped by a tatty curtain. It's no better on the priest's side of the screen. Something has got to be done.

I've pondering for a while over what this should be, and have consulted several people. Now I've got a plan, and I want to set it out so that you can comment if you wish to do so. First, we need to have the usual green/red lights outside : not only does this indicate when the Confessional is in use, but it also it advertizes that this is a Confessional. Inside, the half-screen and the tatty curtain ought to go, together with an unnecessary shelf in the priest's side. This would create slightly more space, and certainly a feeling of more space. I think the prie-Dieu should probably remain, as some like to kneel to make their Confession (I do), and there probably needs to be a chair or stool for those who need to sit. A folding seat, lettable-down from the wall would be one option. Now I know that some still like a degree of anonymity, and so I propose a full-length net curtain, generously gathered, between the priest and the penitent. If on curtain rings, it could readily be swept back by those who prefer a face-to-face encounter. It would be hung slightly further in than the present half-screen is, to give more space to the penitent's section. And then the whole space would be redecorated, and carpeted. Comments invited.


PRAYER FOR THE QUEEN - to be used at the end of each Mass this weekend.


V. O Lord, save Elizabeth, our Queen.

R. And hear us on the day we call upon you.

V. O Lord, hear our prayer

R. And let our cry come before you.

V. The Lord be with you

R. And with your spirit.


Almighty God, we pray that your servant Elizabeth, Our Queen, who, by your providence has received the governance of this realm, may continue to grow in every virtue, that, imbued with your heavenly grace, she may be preserved from all that is harmful and evil, and, blessed with your favour, may with her consort and the royal family, come at last into your presence, through Christ who is the way, the truth, and the life, and who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever, Amen.