Parish Priest : Fr. John Barnes MA

The Presbytery, 8, Gainsborough Road, Felixstowe, IP11 7HT

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August 21st, 2016 : 21st SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME


Sunday Masses

Saturday 6.0pm (St.F) Int. For the People

Sunday 9.30am (St.F) Int. +Alan Deveney 11.0am (Con) Int.


Weekday Masses


9.30am (St.F) Int. In Thanksgiving

10.0am (Con) Int.


9.30am (St.F) Int. In Thanksgiving

10.0am (Con) Int.


9.30am (St.F) Int.

10.0am (Con) Int.

Thursday ST.LOUIS

No services today

Friday FERIA

11.0am (St.F) Int. Special Intention (Thomson

5.0pm (Con) Int. Family)

Saturday ST.MONICA

11.0am (St.F) Int. +John Pritchard (FM)

6.0pm (St.F) Int. Mary & Norman Cawston


The Daily Office

Lauds (Morning Prayer) is said a quarter of an hour before the first Mass


Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

Tuesdays at10.0am Benediction at 10.30am


Sacrament of Reconciliation

Saturday 5.15 to 5.45 p.m. or by appointment.


The Rosary Fridays at 10.15am


The Mass today

The readings can be found on p.128 of the Parish

Mass Book, and on p. 1046 of The Sunday Missal.

At the 6.0pm Mass Eucharistic Prayer 2

Sanctus & Benedictus Parish Mass Book p.16

(Angelus) Hymn : 865

At the 9.30am Mass Eucharistic Prayer 3

Gloria Belmont

Sanctus & Benedictus Belmont

Hymns : 852, 833, 913, 880

At the 11.0am Mass Eucharistic Prayer



August 28th, 3.0pm-5.0pm


To be held in the Presbytery Garden

for young children and their families

Please bring bears

There will be Teddy Bear games,

and a Teddy Bear Tea

(it would be helpful if you could 'phone Emma and say if you are coming - )




Anniversaries this week William Demko (2008), John Chapman (2005), and William Allen (1998). May they Rest in Peace.


Money Matters Last Sunday 572.16 was given at the Offertory, and a further 1323.87 was given to CAFOD.


Tabernacle Veils So far we have only had one veil for the new Tabernacle - the white one, kindly made and presented by Mrs.Katie Whisenant of Bury St.Edmunds. But this week things have looked up. First, the Sisters have most kindly given us a red veil, which fits perfectly, and for which we are most grateful, And now Katie has 'phoned to say that she is completing a green one!

So we're nearly there...


Apostleship of the Sea Barbara writes 'The next Mass at the Seafarers Centre will be this Tuesday, at 7.0pm. All are welcome.'


Sponsored Cycle Ride Teresa writes 'If you have an hour to spare on Saturday 10th September could you kindly sit in the church porch and sign the sponsor forms for the cycle ride? A list of times not covered is on the church notice board. Thank you.'


Fr.Faize , the French priest who has been resident at the Convent for the past two or three weeks, returns home on Wednesday. It has been good to have him with us. Home is Paray-le-Monial, in Burgundy, where St.Margaret Mary had her visions of the Sacred Heart. Her shrine is there.


From PROCLAIM! - A Survey

One of the areas of our common life which the Proclaim! Team is currently looking at is how welcoming and accessible our Sunday Mass is here, the Mass which lies at the heart of our life as a Parish. The Chairman of the Parish Council has drawn up a survey, which you may like to take part in. The survey papers are in the pews today, with pencils - you may like to fill in the survey before going home, but do take them with you and bring them back next week if you would prefer to do that. When completed, please put your paper in the box provided in the porch. There is no pressure on you to take part in this survey - whether you do so or do not is entirely up to you. The papers can be signed or be anonymous, just as you prefer......




Doug has asked me to state publicly that I choose the hymns. Which I'm only too happy to do. I choose them because I think that hymnody is such an important part of the liturgy, that the Parish Priest, who, under the Bishop is responsible for the worship offered in a church, has a duty to be involved. That doesn't mean that the priest is setting himself up as some kind of dictator. People are always free to make suggestions as to what hymns we should sing, and I'm always surprised that hardly anyone ever does so.

I suspect that Doug's request results from his

having taken some quite unwarranted criticism,

which I'm sorry about. But I'm afraid that anyone who chooses hymns - or even who is wrongly suspected of doing so - is going to be vilified! When I sit down to choose the hymns for the month ahead, I feel rather like a parent planning family menus. Of course you want to give the family the food they like - only a sadistic parent would deliberately lay on meals that the family are going to find unpalatable. But immediately the problem arises that some members of the family like -say - bangers and mash, and some don't. I suppose the family members have to recognise that they can't have what THEY like all the time - they've got to accept that there must be give and take. Perhaps a particular difficulty as regards hymns, is that some prefer the more traditional hymns, and some the more modern. Both sides have to recognise that they can't have it all their own way. One can only provide a mixture.


And then further the wise parent planning the menus will be aware that 'what they like' is not the sole criterion. In a family of young children, for example, this could mean chips and coke at every meal, which wouldn't by very good as regards building up strong and healthy bodies! The person choosing the hymns has to be very mindful of the words that are sung. (He'll also, I think, be mindful of the quality or otherwise of the tunes). The words have to say what is true, inspiring, thought-provoking, and worth saying. Some of the 'old' hymns may be sentimental and not very intelligible, whilst some of the new hymns are banal, and say virtually nothing. The words we use in worship matter, because they influence our thinking. They must be spiritually nourishing, and the person choosing them must keep this in mind.


Choosing hymns is not easy. As instanced by someone recently suggesting at a meeting that the first hymn at the 9.30am Mass should be geared to the children. There was enthusiastic assent. I said to one of the people who'd made the suggestion that it would be most helpful if they could jot down a few suggestions for me. I'm not surprised that such a list has not been forthcoming. It's not easy to choose hymns, and for whoever does so there are many brick-bats, and few bouquets!