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August 28th, 2016 : 22nd SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME


Sunday Masses

Saturday 6.0pm (St.F) Int. Mary & Norman


Sunday 9.30am (St.F) Int. +Alan Deveney

11.0am (Con) Int. For the People


Weekday Masses



9.30am (St.F) Int. +Marian Gardiner (FM)

10.30am (Con) Int.


9.30am (St.F) Int. +Lucia Hunt

Wednesday ST.AIDAN

9.30am (St.F) Int. Glenys Lowden (100)

10.30am (Con) Int.

Thursday FERIA

No services today

Friday FERIA

11.0am (St.F) Int.

5.0pm (Con) Int.


11.0am (St.F) Int. +Norah Sandford

6.0pm (St.F) Int. Tom & Brenda Brazier


The Daily Office

Lauds (Morning Prayer) is said a quarter of an hour before the first Mass


Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

Tuesdays at10.0am Benediction at 10.30am


Sacrament of Reconciliation

Saturday 5.15 to 5.45 p.m. or by appointment.


The Rosary Fridays at 10.15am


The Mass today The readings can be found on

p.130 of the Parish Mass Book, and on p.1049 of The Sunday Missal.


At the 6.0pm Mass Eucharistic Prayer 3

Sanctus & Benedictus Parish Mass Book p.16 (Angelus) Hymn : 934

At the 9.30am Mass Eucharistic Prayer 2

Gloria Hymn Book 527

Sanctus & Benedictus Parish Mass Book p.16

Hymns : 962, 803, 967, 898

At the 11.0am Mass Eucharistic Prayer 3




Today 3.0pm-5.0pm THE TEDDY BEARS PICNIC for Young Children & Families, in the Presbytery garden. Teddy Bear activities, games, and tea.

Wednesday 11.45am A Syro-Malabar Funeral Mass for baby Albert Jacob. RIP




Anniversaries this week Gerard Stattery (2001), Sr.Margaret Mary Flynn (2000), Annie Logan-Mann (2010), and Anne Doyle (1998). RIP

Money Matters Last Sunday 558.15 was given at the Offertory, and a further 110.34 for CAFOD. Next Sunday there will be a retiring collection for the Walsingham Shrine Developement Fund.

Our Congratulations to Mary and Harold Cawston, who are celebrating their sixty-sixth wedding anniversary this weekend. Also celebrating are their daughter Christine and her husband John, who were married at St.Felix forty-five years ago. Both couples will receive a special Blessing at the end of the 6.0pm Mass. As, next Saturday, will Brenda and Tom Brazier, who will be celebrating their sixtieth wedding anniversary. These are very significant occasions - and a great testimony to the lifelong fidelity which is so important a part of our Christian understanding of Marriage. We send our love and good wishes to all three couples.

A big thank-you Teresa writes 'A big thank-you to all who made the BBQ such a memorable Parish occasion. So many people were instrumental in its success. Those who took tables and chairs to the garden and returned them to the Hall afterwards, organised the cooking, made delicious puddings and salads, provided raffle prizes, worked tirelessly in the kitchen, or just chipping in in general. It was good to see so many people involved in this venture ; it all went so smoothly. A special thanks to the youngsters who gave us such an entertaining display of martial arts.'

Fr.John adds : And a big thank you to you, Teresa, for having organised the Barbeque. You had put in so much work and effort, and it all went like clockwork, and was a huge success. I think everyone was pleased that we had revived the Parish Barbecue.

Everlasting Light Barbara writes 'Extras needed for filming session in the Spa Gardens on Sunday 28th August (TODAY) 8.0pm-9.0pm. Please see poster in the porch for details.'

Mary's Meals Barbara also writes ' Did you know that it costs just 12.20 to feed a child in school for a whole year? Come to St.Felix Church Hall on Wednesday Sept. 14th at 7.0pm for a presentation by Julian Wong for Mary's Meals. If you need transport contact Barbara Lamberton.

The Sponsored Cycle Ride Fr.John is practicing hard for Saturday September 10th (theoretically), and whilst he's not actually heard of any other potential riders from the parish, he feels sure that there must be.... He would be most grateful for sponsorship, and will have his form with him after Mass.




Following my piece in last week's Newsheet, two good people submitted lists of suitable hymns. I've already completed the list for September, but I will draw on these two lists from October onwards.

I said last week that choosing hymns for Mass is not easy - mentioning the facts that different people like different hymns, and also that the quality of the tunes, and the words of the hymns, have to be carefully considered. It is easy to choose hymns whose words don't really say anything much worth saying, and which have dreary or banal tunes. Quality matters in the serving of God.

At least three further things have to be taken into account. One is the theme of the Mass, which is usually set in Ordinary Time by the subject of the Gospel, the focus of the three Sunday readings. If, for example, Our Lord is speaking in the Gospel about repentance, then for example Dear Lord and Father of mankind would be an appropriate choice, whereas Shine, Jesus, shine would not, perhaps, be particularly appropriate.

Then length is a factor. We need a longish opening hymn to cover the entrance Procession and the censing of the Altar. Likewise we need an even longer hymn at the Offertory to cover the taking of the collection, the Offertory Procession, the preparation of the Altar, and the censing of the gifts, priest, and people. Whereas the final hymn should snappy rather than over-long : people are ready to go, and the hymn only needs to cover the procession to the back of the church.

Yet another factor which the person choosing hymns has to take into account is the mood at a particular moment of the Mass. The Communion hymn should have a reflective, devotional character, and ideally be a Eucharistic hymn. The opening hymn should be appropriate to the beginning of the liturgy, of a positive character, and setting the tone of what is to follow. And then the final hymn should, besides being short, be 'up-beat', preparing us to 'go forth' in a purposeful way.

I've mentioned the hymns as 'covering' certain liturgical actions, and yes, when music first came into the Mass in the fourth century, when Christians were no longer having to worship in secret, the chant was initially seen as 'covering' movements in this way. And then as hymnody developed it was, of course, seen as something which is valuable in itself - an offering of praise and thanksgiving to Almighty God, and a means of giving expression to the truths of the Catholic Faith.