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December 10th, 2017 : SECOND SUNDAY OF ADVENT


Sunday Masses

Saturday 6:00pm (St.F) Int. +Patricia Cleland

Sunday 9:30am (St.F) Int. +Gillian Smith

11.0-am (Con) Int. For the People


Weekday Masses


9:30am (St.F) Int.

10:30am (Con) Int.


9:30am (St.F) Int. +Mary Sutcliffe (T&BB)

Wednesday ST.LUCY




No Mass today


11:00am (St.F) Int. +Helen Robinson

5:00pm (Con) Int. +Sr.Marceline (AFJM)


9.0am (St.F) Int.

6:00pm (St.F) Int. A Special Intention


The Daily Office

Lauds (Morning Prayer) is said a quarter of an hour before the first Mass, except Wed.& Sat.


Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

Tuesdays at10.0am Benediction at 10.30am


Sacrament of Reconciliation

Saturday 5.15pm to 5.45 pm. or by

Sunday 9.0am to 9.20am appointment


The Rosary Friday at 10:15am


The Mass today

The readings can be found on p.85 of the Parish

Mass Book, and on p.49 of The Sunday Missal.


At the 6.0pm Mass Eucharistic Prayer 3

Sanctus & Benedictus Parish Mass Book p.16 (Angelus) Hymn 94

At the 9.30am Mass Eucharistic Prayer 2

Kyrie Hymn Book 497

Sanctus & Benedictus Parish Mass Book p.16

Hymns : 92, 112, 660, 880

At the 11.0am Mass Eucharistic Prayer 3




Today 12.30pm The annual Christmas Lunch for senior parishioners.

Monday 7.30pm Fr.John assists with the Penitential Service at St.Mark's, Ipswich.

Tuesday 11.30am The monthly Service at the Mill Lane care home.

Wednesday 11.00am Funeral Mass for Mary Sutcliffe, followed by Cremation at the Seven Hills Crematorium. No other Masses today.

Friday 6.30pm The Civic Carol Service at the Salvation Army Citadel.

Saturday 9.0am Saturday Club for young people of primary school age, beginning with a Childrens' Mass at 9.0am.

2.30pm Christingle Making in the Cooper Room, ready for the Christingle Service tomorrow. Helpers desperately needed.




Anniversaries this week Dorothy Veitch (2015), Rita Alexander (1997), Phyllis Garrod (2000), Catherine Spencer (2008), Tony Byrne (2001), Jane Waite (2004), Neville Poots (2011), and Sheila Bonello (2011). R.I.P.


Money Matters Last Sunday 627.93 was

given at the Offertory, and a further 123.52

for CAFOD. Next Sunday there will be a retiring collection for the Priests' Training Fund.


Christmas Crib Festival Barbara writes 'Many thanks to all who helped to make the Crib Festival a success. All who trusted me with their cribs; all who made cakes and biscuits; all who acted as stewards; all who served refreshments and especially all who came to see the cribs & bought raffle tickets. The raffle raised 115 and was won by Elijah Ahmed from Ipswich. Together with donations, the total raised was 283.66'.

Fr.John adds - And a big thank you to Barbara herself, who had the idea of the Crib Festival, and worked tirelessly to bring it to fruition. It was a great success, and brought pleasure to many.


CWL Meeting Jenny writes 'This month's CWL meeting will be on Monday 11th Dec in the Church hall at 2.30pm-4.00pm and will be an afternoon tea & social. Members are invited to bring along a favourite pieces of poetry or prose about Advent, Christmas or winter, to share during the tea.'


The Together Club Teresa writes The Club meets on Thursday 14th December at the Dorincourt Hotel, Undercliff Road West at 12.45pm for their Christmas lunch. Lunch will be served at 1.00pm.'


The Christingle Service Jenny adds 'The Christingle Service will take place next Sunday 17th December at 3.00pm. Volunteers are needed to help make the Christingles the day before (Saturday 16th December). If you can help please could you give your name to Fr John and come to the Cooper Room in the Church hall at 2.30pm.'


Young Altar Servers Don't forget that you must tell me by TODAY if you want to come to the Pantomime, by returning your form. Fr.J



I'm proud that the diocesan ALIVE IN FAITH

project began its course in our own parish, and that a number of us contributed to it. The main objective of the initiative was, you remember, to pay for the training of new priests for the future, and now that the diocese has to pay - happily -for the training of no less than thirteen seminarians, the cry is thank goodness we undertook the project when we did, as the diocese would have to be refusing those whom God is calling to the priesthood on purely financial grounds.

And now the Bishop is asking us to do something further towards the training of young priests - namely to take a seminarian for a month's placement. Obviously it will be my responsibility to induct him to the life of a small parish, but his board whilst he stays at the Presbytery will have to be met by the parish.

James Hanendez, who is a first-year student at Valadolid , is hoping to come here from January 3rd to February 3rd. I know that you will all make him welcome, and include him in our parish activities, so that he gets the feel of the place. I feel that it will be good for our young people to meet a young man preparing for priesthood, and indeed it will be an encouragement to us all.



IV The Silence after the Homily

This is the next time of silence which we experience in the Mass. And whilst, yes, it does follow on from the Homily, when the priest goes and sits down, it is more truly a silence which follows the whole Ministry of the Word. We have listened attentively to two readings from Holy Scripture, and used one of the Old Testament psalms, prior to having stood up to greet the Gospel reading - Jesus himself speaking to us. And now it is time to quietly reflect on what has been read, and on the commentary which the priest has provided in the Homily. A time for letting what we have heard sink in, and for mulling it over in our mind. I suspect that this silence ought to be longer, because there is much to think about. What do YOU think?

When I began this series a month ago, I told you that I had been reading an excellent book by the Ghanian Cardinal, Cardinal Robert Sarah, called The Power of Silence. He urges that we can never deepen our experience of God without times of silence. And not, of course, just within the liturgy. A phrase which I remember reading in a hymn is 'the teeming brain' : yes, we've got to try to still our minds if we are to find God. What a great and difficult endeavour that is!