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July 29th, 2018 : 17th SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME


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Anniversaries this week Ronald Hockery (2002), Christiane Taylor (2004), Maria Maher (2007), Rose Mulholland (2014), Sr.George Deane (2008), Joan Jacobi (2012), and Enid Egan (2017). May they Rest in Peace.


Money Matters Last Sunday 557.39 was given at the Offertory, and 234.90 for CAFOD.




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Last week we had the pleasure of two special Wedding Anniversaries being celebrated in the parish - John and Diane Whelan reached their Diamond Anniversary, and Alan and Barbara Lamberton their Golden. And so it seems appropriate that we now reach one of the two Sacraments of Vocation, namely Marriage. A Sacrament of Vocation (the other one is Holy Orders) is for use when a person or persons has received a special calling from God - a calling either to live as married person or to be an ordained minister. Much is demanded of a person in the living out of either of these vocations, and each vocation has a distinctive sacrament to supply the grace which is needed.


We believe that God, who knows and cares for each one of us individually, has a definite plan and purpose for each one of us. A plan which will tend to our fullest happiness. For many people that plan involves marriage - it may involve parenthood too. When two people fall in love, and there is no impediment to their being married (such as one of them being married already) , then it may well be that all is happening under the prompting of the Holy Spirit. If there are good reasons to think that this is the case, then it is right that they should make a life-long commitment to each other, as happens in Christian marriage.


In the Sacrament of Marriage, there are two parts, as in any of the Sacraments. There is first the outward sign - in this case not water, or bread and wine, or holy oil, but the solemn promises which the two people are seen and heard making to each other. And then second there is the spiritual gift which is given. In fact the gift which God gives in marriage is twofold : first the two people are joined together in a mysterious, mystical way - their lives are intertwined, they become 'one flesh' as Scripture terms it. And second they are given the grace, the help, to be true to the solemn promises which they make to each other. Sometimes people say 'Why bother getting married? - everyone just lives together these days.' Well that grace from God which is given when two people marry is very precious and very necessary, quite apart from the security which comes about when two people make a solemn and public commitment to each other. I always feel that if two people REALLY love each other, then surely they will want to give themselves to each other in marriage, and that nothing less than this will satisfy them.


But how is the Salvation of the individual advanced through this sacrament? Because, I think, obedience to God's will, doing what he wants us to do, walking in his ways , fulfilling his plan, necessarily unites us with him. And it is in this union with God, which Our Lord's saving work makes possible, that salvation lies. We've thought of how we are united to God by the life of Christ given to us in Baptism and Holy Communion : but another part of this union comes through our aligning our will with God's will. And God's will and purpose for many is marriage.


And how does Holy Matrimony advance our sanctification? Because it is God the Holy Spirit who brings to us the grace which is given in this sacrament, and who continues to guide and strengthen those who have received it. He is the sanctifying Spirit, and his presence and working in a person's life can do no other than bring them sanctification.