Parish Priest : Fr. John Barnes MA VF

The Presbytery, 8, Gainsborough Road, Felixstowe, IP11 7HT

Tel.01394 282561 e-mail


Parish Website: Helping Hands - 07342722521


October 28th, 2018 : 30th SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME


Sunday Masses

Saturday 6:00pm (St.F) Int. For the People

Sunday 9:30am (St.F) Int. Joy Crooks

11:00am (Con)


Weekday Masses

Monday FERIA

9:30am (St.F) Int.

10:30am (Con) Int.

Tuesday FERIA

9:30am (St.F) Int. +Hubert Badcock

Wednesday FERIA

No Services today (FJ's Day off this week)


(Holy Day of Obligation)

9.30am (St.F) Int. For the People

11.0am (Con) Int.

7.0pm (St.F) Int.



11:00am (St.F) Int. +Jack Munro

5:00pm (Con) Int.

7.0pm (St.F) Int.

Saturday FERIA

11:00am (St.F) Int.

6:00pm (St.F) Int. Fort he People


The Daily Office

Lauds (Morning Prayer) is said a quarter of an hour before the first Mass, except Saturday.


Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

Tuesdays at10.0am Benediction at 10.30am


Sacrament of Reconciliation

Saturday 5.15pm to 5.45pm or by Sunday 9.0am to 9.20am appointment.


The Rosary Friday at 10.15am


The Mass today

The readings can be found on p.149 of the Parish Mass Book, and on p.939 of The Sunday Missal.


At the 6.0pm Mass Eucharistic Prayer 3

Sanctus & Benedictus Parish Mass Book p.16 (Angelus) Hymn 607

At the 9.30am Mass Eucharistic Prayer 2

Gloria Sacred Heart

Sanctus & Benedictus Parish Mass Book p.16

Hymns : 283, 959, 967, 898

At the 11.0am Mass Eucharistic Prayer 1

Hymns 465, 863, 971






in the Sacred Heart Chapel 2.0pm-3.0pm

This week on Friday


Today 6.0pm Fr.John says Mass at St.Mary's, Ipswich.

Monday 7.0pm Fr.John, as Dean, attends the Induction of Fr.Peter Raj as Parish Priest of St.Mark's, Ipswich

Tuesday 7.30pm The Confirmation Group meets at the Presbytery.

Wednesday 7.30pm The CaFE Course, LET IT BE continues in the Hall.

4.0pm Fr.John attends a Meeting at Poringland.

Thursday SOLEMNITY OF ALL SAINTS Mass times opposite.

2.0pm Together Club, Convent. All welcome


Mass times opposite. If there are people whose names you would like to be remembered at the Altar, please write them down on the list at the back of church, under the time of the Mass you hope to attend.

Saturday 9.0am Saturday Club, for young

people of primary school age.




Anniversaries this week John O'Brien (2002), Michael Brookes (2009), Mary Cooper (2013), Frederick Robertson (1998), May Bantick (2001), Mary Hockley (2004), Angela Waterhouse-Taylor (1999), Walter Shaw (2008). R.I.P.

Money Matters Last Sunday 580.52 was given at the Offertory, 87.93 to CAFOD, and in the retiring collection for World Missions 121.44. Next weekend there will be the annual collection for the St.Edmund Fund.

Suffolk Refugee Support Barbara writes 'Please see the latest Newsletter on the notice board for details of really impressive educational achievements by some of the refugees we are helping to support. The newsletter is available on line.'

Churches Together in Felixstowe Barbara further writes 'The Forum Meeting will be on November 14th (Wednesday) 7pm, for 7.30pm at the Convent. Please see poster on the notice board'

Many thanks John O'Mahony writes 'My sincere thanks to all those many people who have offered their kind wishes of condolence, Masses and other help at this time following the death of my loving wife Stephanie. God bless you all.'




(The gift of Marlene Strachan RIP)


Thomas Denny, the stained glass artist, writes :

'The theme for the two windows is The divine Mercy. The figure of Jesus stands in the right hand light of the (liturgically) southerly window, his right hand raised in blessing, his left hand on his breast. This figure is reminiscent of the familiar image of The Divine Mercy, but also different. We are aware of the rays of light emanating from him : "the pale ray stands for the Water which makes souls righteous. The red ray stands for the Blood which is the Life of souls.." (Diary of St.Faustina). Jesus seems to be standing on a shore, perhaps evoking the idea of his follower, St.Felix, arriving on the shingly coast of Suffolk. His surroundings are suffused with redness, a low sun rising behind him "with healing in his wings" (Malachi 3:20).

In the left hand light of the northerly window is St.Faustina, suddenly aware of the presence of Christ, and trying to keep hold of her vision ; the narrative, the connection between the two figures, bridges the space across the Nave of the church. St.Faustina is depicted at night, in her cell in the Convent at Plock, the place of many of her revelations. "The message she then conveyed", in the words of the future Pope John Paul II, is "the appropriate and incisive answer that God wanted to offer to the questions and expectations of human beings in a time marked by terrible tragedies". A universal offering, but also an experience that happened to a particular person, Faustina, in a particular part of Europe.

The other two lights of the windows, to the left of Jesus and to the right of St.Faustina, contain explorations of their particularities, as well, perhaps, as suggesting the effect or the possibility of Christ's Mercy in the world.

In her Convent Faustina often worked as a gardener : to the right of her are depicted rows of seedlings in a fenced enclosure, with the landscape beyond. Here we see figures walking on a the road, a road which forks into two. Faustina's frequent visions included one of heaven and hell : "I saw two roads.... one was broad.... the other road, or rather a path, was narrow and strewn with thorns and rocks." (Diary of St.Faustina).

In the 'Jesus window', the left hand light also contains a wide landscape, in this case intended to suggest the vast expanse of the forested Lithuanian plain and, in the distance, a Vilnius-like city silhouette. Faustina lived at Vilnius in 1929 and from 1933-1936 ; this was a landscape of twentieth-century horror. "There will be a war, a terrible, terrible war" she predicted, and she asked her fellow nuns to pray for Poland. In the window, exhausted figures emerge from the distance and into awareness of the Presence of Christ, his mercy illuminating them.

In the small diamond shapes at the tops of the two designs are scenes that are precursors to Faustina's encounters with Jesus : Mary Magdalene and the Risen Christ in the garden, and Jesus and the woman at the well.'