Parish Priest : Fr. John Barnes MA VF

The Presbytery, 8, Gainsborough Road, Felixstowe, IP11 7HT

Tel.01394 282561 e-mail


Parish Website: Helping Hands - 07342722521


January 27th, 2019 : 3rd SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME


Sunday Masses

Saturday 6:00pm (St.F) Int. For the People

Sunday 9:30am (St.F) Int.

11:00am (Con) Int.

Weekday Masses


10.30 am (Convent)

Tuesday FERIA

10.30 am (Convent)

Wednesday FERIA

10.30 am (Convent)


10.30 am (Convent)

Friday FERIA

10.30 am (Convent)



10.30 am (Convent)

6:00pm (St.F) Int.


Sacrament of Reconciliation

Saturday 5.30pm


The Rosary

Friday at 10:15am


The Mass today

The readings can be found on p.130 of the Parish Mass Book, and on p.975 of The Sunday Missal.


At the 6.0pm Mass Eucharistic Prayer 3

Sanctus & Benedictus Parish Mass Book p.16 (Angelus)

At the 9.30am Mass Eucharistic Prayer 2

Sanctus & Benedictus

Hymns : 852, 959, 607, 898

At the 11.0am Mass Eucharistic Prayer 3

Hymns 851, 833, 627




Fr.John continues to recuperate after surgery ; we are grateful to Fr.Michael Rear for saying the Masses today.


There will be a 10.30 am Mass at the Convent Monday through to Saturday this week. There will not be an 11.00 am Mass at St Felix on Friday this week.


Fr. Michael Rear's Phone Number: If anyone urgently needs a priest (e.g for anointing) Fr. Michael can be contacted on 01206 392695.


Anniversaries this week: Barbara Strong (2009), Sr. Etheldreda Wallis (1994), Nigel Gorham (2013), Ethel McGready (1998), Sydney Pope (2003), Iris Douglas (2006). May they rest in peace.


Money Matters: Last Sunday 543.32 was given at the offertory and 69.33 for CAFOD.


Automatic Opening Door We are pleased to let everyone know that the new automatic opening door is now in operation. It is the side door next to the hall at the rear of the church and will be in operation at all times that the church is officially open.


Apostleship of the Sea Barbara Lamberton writes 'Our Port Chaplain, Pat Ezra, has asked if we could collect any spare rosaries which she would like to distribute to Catholic seafarers. The rosaries need to be undamaged but can be any size or colour. There is a box on the table in the porch. Thank you in advance.'


The St Felix Junior Singers Austina Meyn writes 'If your child or anyone you know likes to sing or can play an instrument why not bring them along on a Saturday morning at 10am to St Felix to join in with The St Felix Junior Singers. We practice every Saturday morning for about 45 minutes and the children either sing in church at Mass and/or are involved in activities that come up. As a Parish, it is lovely to see the children involved in similar activities that help to strengthen their Christian gifts of giving, caring and charity and carry it forward in their lives to their families. So it doesn't matter if they can't sing as we do warm ups and other short exercises that helps to build their voice. What is important is that they like to sing and enjoy doing so. The singers group is open to all children of any age that can read and memorize words. Phil Ashby does an amazing job devoting his time to make this group possible and it would be great to have more young musicians to join in. Of course, we would be happy for adult musicians/music teachers to please come forward to help take this group to the next level. This year for the first time, we went to a couple of care homes around Felixstowe to share our songs with them. It was lovely for the children representing St Felix Parish to meet up with the residents. They were so happy and grateful and have invited us to come again at the earliest, so hopefully this will become a regular outing for us. If you/your child is interested please contact Austina Meyn for further information or to join in.'


Parish Race Night, Saturday 9th March Phil Hills writes 'Tickets will be available from this weekend after Masses or telephone Phil. Tickets cost 5 per person, includes food but bring your own drink. Children are free.'