Parish Priest : Fr. John Barnes MA VF

The Presbytery, 8, Gainsborough Road, Felixstowe, IP11 7HT

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February 24th, 2019 : 7th SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME


Sunday Masses

Saturday 6:00pm (St.F) Int. For the People

Sunday 9:30am (St.F) Int.

11:00am (Con) Int.


Weekday Masses

Monday FERIA



Tuesday FERIA

9:30am (St.F) Int.

Wednesday FERIA

10:30am (Con) Int.

Thursday FERIA

No Mass today


10:00am (St.F) Int.

5:00pm (Con) Int.

Saturday FERIA

9.0am (St.F) Childrens' Mass

6:00pm (St.F) Int. For the People


The Daily Office

Lauds (Morning Prayer) is said a quarter of an hour before the first Mass, except Mon. & Sat.


Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

Tuesdays at10.0am Benediction at 10.30am


Sacrament of Reconciliation

Saturday 5.15pm to 5.45p.m. or by Sunday 9.0am to 9.20am appointment.


The Rosary Friday at 10.30am this week.


The Mass today

The readings can be found on p.142 of the Parish Mass Book, and on p.992 of The Sunday Missal.


At the 6.0pm Mass Eucharistic Prayer 2

Sanctus & Benedictus Parish Mass Book p.16 (Angelus) Hymn 924

At the 9.30am Mass Eucharistic Prayer 3

Gloria Lourdes

Sanctus & Benedictus Parish Mass Book p.16

Hymns : 601, 683, 607, 716

At the 11.0am Mass Eucharistic Prayer 1

Hymns 880, 600, 801




The week before last we experimented with just having one Mass each day, and I think I would like to (need to) carry this on for the time being. Of course my preference would always be to have a Mass in parish church every day, but I recognise that the important thing is for there to be a Mass in the PARISH every day. Besides the three Sunday Masses, the exception will be on Fridays, when the 11.0am Mass (St.Felix) and the 5.0pm Mass (Convent) are well spaced out, and will continue.


Monday 11.0am Funeral Mass for Breda

Bird. This will be the only Mass today.

2.30pm Meeting of the Parish Liturgy Committee, at the Presbytery

Thursday 2.0pm The Together Club meets at the Convent for Beetle. All welcome.

Friday Noon Fr.John has to attend the Cardiac Clinic at Ipswich. Therefore Mass will have to be at 10.0am today (Morning Prayer at 9.45am), and Rosary will follow the Mass at 10.30am.

Saturday 9.0am Saturday club resumes after the half-term break, with a Childrens' Mass at 9.0am.




Anniversaries this week Robert Horne (2002), Wanda Turner (2006), Evelyn Foster (2011), John Pitt (2014), Vera Histed (2018), Olivia Schwan (1999), Patrick Bailey (2004), Ferdinando Conti

(2011), Christian Jones (1999), Ellen Newman (2006), Margaret Lupton (2003), Bertie Simpkin-Kane (2009), Ernie Veitch (2017), and Kathleen Thomson (2007). May they Rest in Peace.


Money Matters Last Sunday 532.48 was given at the Offertory, and a further 89.24 for CAFOD.


Womens' World Day of Prayer Helen writes

'The World Day of Prayer Service will be held at St.Felix at twelve Noon on Friday 1st M arch (next Friday). It will be followed by a Hunger lunch in aid of Christian Aid.'


Gardening Someone told me last week that they had heard that I was planning to start a Gardening Club for the Memorial Garden and the Church grounds. It was the first that I had heard about it! But whilst a Gardening Club might be a little over the top, I think it would be very good if we had a Gardening Afternoon two or three times a year, when those who wish could work together as a team to see that the Memorial Garden and the grounds are well maintained. I think we should have the first one in a few weeks time. Watch this space!


Wednesday Lunch Club Jenny writes

Our next Lunch is on 13th March (please note this is one week later) at 12.30pm. The menu is Poached Haddock, New Potatoes & Vegetables, followed by Fruit Crumble, & tea/coffee. Only 5. All are very welcome, but you must book by contacting Jenny. We look forward to seeing you.'


New Chairman At the Parish AGM last Tuesday tributes were paid to Philip Dance for all that he has done over the past three years as Chairman of the PAC. The new Chairman is Stephen Badcock, who was warmly welcomed to this role. Thank you to Anne Dance, who has acted as a very efficient Secretary. We now need a new one - are there any volunteers?



Just as C follows B in the alphabet, so Confirmation in a very real sense follows on from Baptism. Both, together with Holy Communion, form the three Sacraments of Initiation, by which a person is fully integrated into the Church, the Body of Christ. And whilst with Infant Baptism the elements of faith and commitment are provided by the Parents and Godparents, Confirmation gives an older person - usually a teenager - the opportunity to profess the Faith and make a commitment to the Christian life for themselves.

Not, of course, that being Confirmed is primarily about faith and commitment. First and foremost it is about receiving a precious gift from God, as we do in each of the seven Sacraments. In this sacrament the gift which is received is the gifts bestowed by the Holy Spirit - the Gifts of Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Fortitude, Knowledge, Piety, and the Fear of the Lord (Reverence and Awe). By receiving these gifts, the candidate is 'Confirmed', strengthened, in the life of faith. In our diocese a person has to have reached their thirteenth year to be Confirmed. And that is often a time when a person can not only make the act of faith and commitment which is involved in Confirmation, but, setting out on their teenage years, they can receive the support and strengthening which they need, and which God the Holy Spirit makes available to them. But of course this Sacrament is available to anyone over

thirteen : I think that the oldest person I have prepared for Confirmation was in his mid-eighties. If for some reason you missed out on Confirmation in your teenage years, it is good to seek it now. (Adult candidates are, of course, prepared seperately from teenage candidates.)


At present we have six teenagers preparing for Confirmation - Jacob, Jack, Niall, Callum, Jovilis, and a second Jack. Do please remember them in your prayers. The Confirmation will take place here on Monday June 10th. Except in special cases the Sacrament of Confirmation is always administered by a bishop, and it will be good to welcome Bishop Alan to the parish again on this occasion.